Expense Framework, Rules And Rates In Albania 2012

e and are exhausted together with other salary, at 10% on a net premise.


Misfortunes can be conveyed forward for three sequential years, except if there is a difference in responsibility for of the organization’s offers. Convey back of misfortunes isn’t allowed.

There’s no Surtax in


Elective least charge


Rule charge credit

Twofold tax assessment is dodged through duty settlements. Albania at present has 25 arrangements as a result with different nations.

Assessment Arrangements with Albania:

Poland (1995), Romania (1995), Malaysia (1995), Hungary (1996), Turkey (1997), Czech Republic (1997), Russian Alliance (1998), Macedonia (F.Y.R.O.M.) (1999), Croatia (1999), Italy (2000), Bulgaria (2000), Sweden (2000), Norway (2000), Greece (2001), Malta (2001), Switzerland (2001), Moldova (2004), Belgium (2005), China (2006), France (2006), Netherlands (2006), Egypt (2006), Serbia and Montenegro (2006), Korea (2008), Austria (2009), and Latvia (2009).

Holding organization system

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